CotI will be closing! More info here! Roadmap!

Members please read stuff in here, any events and other important important changes will be announced here.

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Wed Jun 23, 2021 1:35 pm

Hi everyone.

SkullTraill here, Administrator of the Ibis, otherwise known as the Warden, and the technical manager for the Court of the Ibis.

It pains me to say this, but due to lack of activity for months, and the disappearance of the Priestess of the Coven - Grace White for over a year now, it has come time to close the forum.

There will be more content, and a roadmap regarding the closure coming soon (please check the announcement section as well as the discord) as things will happen gradually, and according to a plan of action. There is a lot of valuable content on the forum that I do not want to just delete, and there may be other plans for the website, such as a blog, or something else. Info will be disseminated in due time. I will send more emails, post on the forum, and in discord if there are any notable milestones.

For now, all that is planned is that the forum will close by September, 2021.

With the head practitioner of CotI MIA and presumed dead at this point, most of the coven activities have completely died. What little and sparse general occult discussion would be better served on the newly relaunched Wizard Forums: (check it out!)

If you want to keep in touch with other CotI members, the Discord server will also be at your disposal:

Sorry for the sad news. Feel free to discuss and submit your ideas on the forum or discord.

Best regards,
Administrator of the Ibis
Just a copy of the mass email I sent out.

Will post more info in this thread as things arise.
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