The Orisha, part 2.

Native American, Afro-Carribean, Santeria etc.

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These are some of the more (actively used) Orisha.

Elegwa - the keeper of the cross roads.
His colors are red, black, white.
His numbers are 3 & 7.
His herb is coffee.
He is normal invoked at the start of all rituals to allow the other Orisha in.
(He has recently had a drug named after him [Allegra], so he is getting lots of energy from people now.)

Obatala - the weaver of wisdom. (Elder)
His color is white.
His number is 8.
His herb is Basel, mint, witch hazel.

Orunla - Fate.
Her colors are green, yellow.
Her number is 1.
Her herb is Jasmine and sage.

Pombagira - Guide
Her colors are red and black.
Her number is 9.
Her herb is rum and coffee.

Oggun - Craftsman, machinery, war
His colors are black and green.
His number is 7
His herb is Eucalyptus

Shango - King of Justice.
His colors are red and white.
His number is 6.
His herb is mugwort.

Oba - Bard, dancer with weapons
Her colors are pink and white.
Her number is 8.
Her herb is garlic.

Iku - Death
His colors are black and white.
His number is 1.
His herb is Myrrh.
(He has a song writen about him, from the movie "Rainman".)

Babaluya - healer/ Disease master.
His colors are Blue and Purple.
His number is 17.
His herb is Olive oil.

Oya - Change.
Her colors are black and maroon
Her number is 9
Her herb is camphor.

Nana Boroku - mother of tears.
Her colors are yellow, red, pink, black
Her number is 9, 3
Her herb is [table] salt water (tears)

Yemeya - [Surface] Ocean, mother of compassion.
Her colors are [light] blue and white.
Her number is 7
Her herb is saltwater.

Okolun - Silent keeper of secrets.
His colors are white, dark blue, green, red
His number is 8
His herb is Seaweed

Oxossi - breaker of obstacles.
His colors are Blue, yellow
His number is 8
His herb is tobacco oil.

Aganju - Volcano, earth energy.
His colors are red, green
His number is 2
Hus herb is red pepper oil

Ossain - Herbalist.
His colors are white, red, yellow, green, brown
His number is 8, 9
His herbs are all of them.

Oshun - Love and beauty.
Her colors are yellow and red.
Her number is 5
Her herbs are orange and rosemary.

Oshumare - Bringer of Joy.
Her colors are all of them.
Her number is 1
Her herb is Rain water.

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