Where I’m at in Initiation into Hermetics.

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Mon Nov 09, 2020 1:28 pm

Where I’m at in Initiation to Hermetics.

Sometimes when I think on the elements, I’ll go through the material lens. Yeah there are 188 elements so that means the concept of 4(5) elements is out of date or wrong. A test of semantics for I did not say “only”. I’ve been getting the duality of temperature and how air allows moistness and dryness. Which is crazy that I had to be made aware of the exchange the air does with moisture and heat. That the two is on this constant polarity, or influx with each other. The gravity or density of the earth keeps the earth within and without as an electromagnet. The fiery electric at the center and the moist outside. If the mantle and crust and stuff would just disappear, I would think the atmosphere would suc to the heat of the core. Would a physicist agree? I do not really know but proper physics isn’t the question. The model Bardon provides is more about understanding what the earth means to you. Maybe to enhance universal awareness. At least with how he describes the earth. He says it much better.
“The earthy element implies the four-pole magnet with its polarity and the effect of the other elements. The fiery principle, in its active form, causes the vivifying principle in nature and in the negative form the destructive and disintegrating one. The principle of water, in its negative form, is operating the contrary effect. The principle of air, with its bipolar polarity, represents the neutral, the balancing and the preserving essence in nature. The earthy element, according to its peculiarity of cohesion, has as a basis the two great fundamental elements of fire and water together with the neutralization of the airy principle. Hence it must be regarded as the most grossly material element. By the interaction of the fiery and the watery element, we have, as already mentioned in connection with the body, got the magnetic and the electric fluid, the two basic fluids originating, according to the same laws, in the body and having their mutual effects. Both these elements, with their fluids, are the cause of all that happens materially on our earth; they influence all the chemical processes inside and outside of the earth in the kingdoms of minerals, plants and animals. Hence you see that the electric fluid is to be found in the center of the earth, whereas the magnetic one is on the surface of our earth. This magnetic fluid of the earth surface, apart from the property of the principle of water or the cohesion, attracts and holds all material and compound things. According to the specific properties of a body, which depend on the composition of the elements, each object, with respect to the electric fluid, owns certain emanations, the so-called electronic vibrations that are attracted by the general magnetic fluid of the entire material world. This attraction is called the weight. Consequently, weight is an appearance of the attractive power of the earth. The well known attractive power of iron and nickel is a little example respecting an imitation of that which is happening, in a big measure, on our whole earth. What we understand, on our earth, a magnetism and electricity, is nothing else but an appearance of the four-pole magnet. For, as we know already, by an arbitrary pole-changing, electricity can be obtained from magnetism and, in a mechanical way, we get magnetism through electricity. The transmutation of one power into another, properly speaking, is already an alchemistic or magic process, which, however, in the course of time, has been generalized so much that it is no longer regarded as alchemy or magic, but is simply ascribed to physics.”

Now dat’s a spicy meatball to fit in the brain. How he describes his theory is perfect to gain awareness of the elemental laws instead of mindlessly eating facts and not knowing how it applies to the self. Self-applied physics lol. Magnets are a big thing, I’m finding out. Earth magnet(4), Electromagnet, we Magnet. That’s where the fun begins

The Head: The forepart is electric, the back of the head is magnetic and so is the right side; the left side is electric and so is the middle.

The Eyes: The forepart is neutral and so is the background. The right side is electric and so it is with the left side. The inside is magnetical

The Ears: Forepart neutral, back part also. Right side is magnetical, left side electrical, inside neutral.

Mouth and Tongue: Forepart neutral, back part as well. Right side and left side both neutral, inside magnetical.

The Neck: Forepart, back part and right side magnetical, left side and inside electrical.

Chest: Forepart electromagnetic, back part electrical, right side and inside neutral, left side electrical.

The Abdomen: Forepart electrical, back part and right side magnetical left side electrical, the inside magnetical.

The Hands: Forepart neutral, back part also, right side magnetical, left side electrical, the inside neutral.

The Fingers of the Right Hand: Fore- and back part neutral, right side electrical, left side also, the inside neutral.

The Fingers of the Left Hand: Fore- and back part neutral, right side electrical, left side as well, the inside neutral.

The Feet: Fore- and back part neutral, right side magnetical, left side electrical, the inside neutral.

Male Genitals: Forepart electrical, back part neutral, right and left side also, the inside magnetical.

Female Genitals: Forepart magnetical, back part, right and left side neutral, the inside electrical.

Vertebra & Anus: Fore and back part neutral, right and left side as well, the inside magnetical.”

This was my game changer. Before I was and still am practicing the starting steps. Thought control and discipline, visualization, auto suggestion. These tools can be taken home themselves, but there’s a ladder to climb. I will link Initiation to Hermetics. I do not know if it’s the latest edition but the info syncs with the physical it seems.
I started with my head, this seemed to make the most sense for me. The back of the head is magnetic and so is the right side. When I’m paying attention or interpreting I do notice like my consciousness drift to the back of my skull. I a spread this to the right side, and my receptivity increases to who I’m speaking with. Now when it’s my turn to speak I flex the front of my head like a muscle. I’m still trying to flex the left side and know for sure I’m doing it. I’m noticing that this is how someone can “yeet” a spell. Internalize, internalize, internalize the intent with the back of the head, then skeet, skeet, skeet from the front of your noggin through the electric. Or the same process with all four sides. It’s like invisible muscles. This alone I’m so grateful for and I’m excited to see how the rest of the body goes. The chest is the only electromagnet on the body. That’s interesting. Probably work up down though. Initiation hecking good

I like your funny words, magic man
http://www.themasonictrowel.com/ebooks/ ... metics.pdf
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Thu Nov 12, 2020 3:45 pm

Holy shit I didn't even remember that part about the earth's core and shit getting into the equation. Definitely hella mind-engaging, and as someone obsessed with plants I now want to figure out exactly how those fit into the elemental-tetrapole equation. And maybe how understanding that can possibly be applied in some way.

Yeah, I'm still on the initial step too. It's a slow ass crawl, but I've been sticking with it and intend to keep doing so.

I wonder if there's a way to apply alchemical elements to the modern periodic table. Like what if, on a metaphysical level, they're all just certain combinations/configuraitons of that initial four? Kinda like a basic source code of sorts, same as how only four chemicals make up all of DNA
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Sun Nov 15, 2020 2:47 am

The model Bardon provides is more about understanding what the earth means to you. Maybe to enhance universal awareness. At least with how he describes the earth. He says it much better.
Bardon's system is designed to be as universally accurate and applicable as possible, all the way from the finest aspects of spirituality to the coarsest aspects of existence like the ground beneath your feet.
The most efficient way I have found to explain the Elemental system Bardon provides in a way that is plain and could even be understood from an earthly perspective is by approaching it from a vaguely physics-based philosophy.

From the very top, we have the finest, most subtle essence capable of being perceived, known as the Ether/Akasha/Quintessence - the foundation of existence, the entire perceptible universe.
While it's whole nature and scope is practically incomprehensible, it could be roughly be understood as the very principle of Motion itself.
Not any particular kind, but rather the finest pervasive essence from which any and all motion emanates from - hence why the Akasha is understood as the foundation of the universe, because all things which exist, are essentially just different patterns, densities, and configurations of Motion in the form of Energy/Vibration(and it's condensed extension called matter), or the lack thereof. The Akasha, then, as the principle of Motion, is both found flowing within all existence, while also being something above it entirely.
That is also why in the later steps of the IIH, you will see Bardon explain that the Akasha is not quite a coarse energy like the Elements, but rather an ephemeral substance best described as a Principle.

Then from this top of the Hierarchy of Motion, the first two true Energies, or forms of Motion, emerge - the Electric and Magnetic Fluids.
Obviously, since the Akasha represents the vague principle of Motion, the first step in manifesting the universe is to start defining that motion into coherent forms, which is where the Electric and Magnetic Fluids come in.
The Electric Fluid is the force of Active motion which manifests as High frequency vibrations, Projection(Radiation) and Expansion, Activity and Power, etc.
However, of course in order to have this Active principle, it needs a counter-pole in which it's Activity can exist and be contained, thus the existence of the Electric Fluid necessitates the existence of the Magnetic Fluid, which is the Passive principle.
The Magnetic Fluid manifests as Low frequency vibrations, Reception(Containment) and Contraction, Void and Passiveness, etc.

Their existence is co-dependent and their interplay is ubiquitous, hence they are the foundation for the pervasiveness of Duality and Polarity in the universe.

Next, the activities of the Electric and Magnetic Fluids condense and manifest their coarser products known as the Fire and Water Elements.
The Activity of the Electric Fluid naturally produces Heat and Dryness which represents the Fiery substance, while the Passive activity of the Magnetic Fluid draws Coldness and Cohesion which represents the Watery substance.

From the activities of the Electro-Magnetic Fluids and their coarser Elemental products, the secondary Elements known as the Air and Earth Elements manifest.

First, the Air Element manifests from the direct clash of these two groups of Polar forces, because what happens when two equal but opposing forces collide?

They Neutralize each other.

The Electric and Fiery substance with the Magnetic and Watery substance meet in the middle and neutralize each other into the intermediary substance represented as the Air Element.
And because the Air Element is the neutralized middlepoint between the two Polar groups, it functions as the means of sustaining and conveying the activities between them.
Thus, the uniquely defining principles of the Air Element is Transmission, Neutrality/Balance, and Preservation.
In contrast to the extremity of the Polar groups which represent things such High frequency motion and Low frequency motion, Hotness and Coldness, Activeness and Passiveness, Dryness and Wetness, Positive and Negative, etc. - the Air Element expresses itself in the universe as the more subtle middlepoint of these things: medium frequencies, moderate temperatures, subtle motion, humidity, polar neutrality etc.

Finally, the activity of all these forces together are contained and condensed by the Magnetic Fluid into a single force known as the Earth Element, or Tetrapolar Magnet.
However, despite being the combinations of all the forces, it is not necessarily neutral like the Air Element, because it directly possesses the neutral Air Element AND the Fiery/Electric and Watery/Magnetic forces all together in a singular "raw package", thus it is actively Electro-Magnetic as opposed to the neutralized Air Element which is only passively Electro-Magnetic.
The uniquely defining Principles of the Earth are that of condensation, structure, manifestation, Electro-Magnetism, etc.
Compared to the other forces, the Earth Element represents itself in such thing as Measurement(finite existence), Stillness, Size, Density, and yes of course, Weight/Gravity.

One detail that isn't mentioned by Bardon but worth mentioning, is that the Air Element has a closer relation to the Electric Fluid and Fire Element, while the Earth Element has a closer relation to the Magnetic Fluid and Water Element.
Because the Air Element is the resulting product of the Electric Fluid/Fire element projecting into the containing Magnetic Fluid/Water Element and being neutralized by it, hence it is essentially the neutralized "remains" of the Electric Fluid/Fire substance, while on the other hand, the Earth Element is the result of the Magnetic Fluid being applied to the entire collection of forces, making it a fundamentally Magnetic Element underneath its Electro-Magnetism.

If you have a physical copy of the IIH, there is a tarot card printed in the first few pages where you can see this relationship displayed and explained.

Also, you may have noticed I haven't really mentioned the "physical" manifestations of these forces like actual Electricity, Magnetism, Fire, Water, etc., but there's a reason for that.
While those things are definitely significant analogous expressions of the spiritual forces in question, they are actually more the rough and coarse manifestations of those forces brought by the Earth Element, and the more fundamental expressions I mentioned are the finer manifestations we can still see in the physical universe that are overlooked and give far more direct insight into these forces than their coarser, earthy avatars.
I wonder if there's a way to apply alchemical elements to the modern periodic table. Like what if, on a metaphysical level, they're all just certain combinations/configuraitons of that initial four? Kinda like a basic source code of sorts, same as how only four chemicals make up all of DNA
That's one of the most important points of Bardon's teachings, is that the entirety of the universe, from the finest essence of the heavens to the lowliest grains of sand, are all subjects of the Elemental and Electro-Magnetic forces.
However, it is also necessary to understand that the Physical sphere, and more specifically the Material components within it, are especially founded upon the Earth Element, because the physical sphere itself is a product of the power of the Earth Element, and even more so the literal physical materials like the chemical Elements and etc.
So if you try to look at the chemicals themselves Elementally, they're all gunna be biased towards the Earth, because all physical materials are just different manifestations by the Earth Element.

However, what will change, is the ratio/configurations/etc. of the Elements within it, which may give it significant qualities beyond just the Earthy nature of the materials/chemicals themselves, just like how the Elements have their compounds/spectrums between each other in non-physical contexts.

So could you probably map out the Elemental constituents of every physical chemical, beyond just the base Earthy-aspect?
Would it be useful?
Not quite sure about that : P

Like, I may be wrong, but I'd imagine Carbon being an especially Earth-compound chemical compared to the other common ones like Hydrogen and Oxygen, and I'd also even imagine that things like Oxygen and Nitrogen being probably significantly Airy perhaps.... But if that information is true, is it particularly helpful?
Not really : P

It would be interesting to see the Elemental dynamics of all the Chemical Elements, I suppose, but who ever actually puts in the effort to research it all out would deserve a medal for doing such a laborious and ridiculous task. : P
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Sun Nov 15, 2020 5:44 pm

Some good info there, then.

Betcha anything somebody out there has the sheer weaponized autism to be put to the task of doing that very project with the periodic table. *Cough cough Hairy*
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